Pretty Spring To Summer Outfit

Hello friends! This post was going to go out next week, but I decided to go ahead and publish it today because Loft is having a really good sale right now. They are offering 50% off + free shipping and I’m not sure how long the sale will last. So here is a “Pretty Spring To Summer Outfit” going out late today. Enjoy.

I don’t know about you, but my love for lounge clothes has taken a hit since the quarantine of 2020. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my comfy clothes, but I’m looking forward to dressing up just a bit this year. I’ve had enough of leggings and elevated pajamas for the time being. I will be wearing some cute summer dresses…even if it’s just to run errands or go to the grocery store! Today I have a pretty spring to summer outfit that is casual, and might just get you out of your lounge pants and sweatshirt rut for a little while.

I’ve always been a fan of Loft since I was in my 20’s. As a 50 year old now, I still enjoy Loft just as much as I did in my younger days. Their clothes have a youthful vibe, but still have a classic look that suits mature women. I find that their clothes fit my body type well and I can order online with confidence that the fit will be right most of the time.

Pretty spring to summer outfit from Loft.

I always advise against ever paying full price for anything at Loft! They have sales all the time, so if you have your eye on something be patient and I promise it will go on sale. Today’s outfit caught my eye when I was at Loft shopping with a friend. I didn’t have time to try it on, so I came home and ordered it online and I was pleased with the fit.

Floral Smocked Puff Shoulder Tee

pretty spring to summer outfit with puff sleeve tee from Loft

My love for feminine style drew me to this floral smocked puff shoulder tee. I love a high neckline with smocking even though it is not the best style for my shape. I just can’t resist! Loft clothes typically run a little big, so take that in to consideration when choosing a size. I am wearing a medium.

Wide Leg Crop Pants

Pretty spring to summer outfit
The Scarlet Lily Blog

This pretty spring to summer outfit is completed with these wide leg crop pants in the color shadow leaf. This is a high waisted pant that can be dressed up or down. They also come in three other colors and run true to size.

Pretty spring to summer outfit from Loft
The Scarlet Lily Blog
pretty spring to summer outfit from Loft
The Scarlet Lily Blog

Nude block heel sandals seemed like the perfect choice and these are my favorite style from Target.

Some other Loft favorites:

Are you shopping for some pretty spring to summer outfits? If so, I hope this have given you a little inspiration. It’s always fun to look whether you are shopping or not. You may also enjoy this post for some spring basics.



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