7 Ways To Wear A Puffer Vest

I think puffer vests are underrated. Over the years I have purchased them, only to stuff them in the back of my closet and forget about them. A few weeks ago, I saw this white puffer vest at Old Navy and I decided to give the vest another try. In fact, I went into my closet and put together 7 ways to wear a puffer vest.

Puffer vests are great at keeping your core warm, while still allowing for movement and flexibility. I like to wear a vest when I have lot of errands to run. I want to be warm as I get in and out of the car, yet I really don’t like wearing a coat while I drive.

They also can look quite chic depending on how you style them. Let me show you the looks I came up with by literally just playing around in my closet. I will tell you now that most of these pieces are from last year, but I will link similar options if they are no longer available.

The vest I am wearing is the Frost Free Puffer Vest from Old Navy. It also comes in a few other colors.

Puffer Vest + White Sweater + White Jeans

Puffer vest with white sweater and white jeans from The Scarlet Lily Blog.

For this look, I wanted a column of white. A monochromatic look does not have to be black. My jeans are the white skinny jeans from Loft. Mine are from last year, but I will link the current style.

Puffer vest with an all white outfit from The Scarlet Lily Blog.

My sweater is also from last year. Old Navy has a very similar crew neck style this year as well.

Monochromatic outfit in white from The Scarlet Lily Blog.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to wear my white ankle boots. These are from Walmart and I will provide a link if they are still available.

Puffer Vest + Camel Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Suede/Sherling Ankle Boots

Casual winter outfit using a puffer vest from Old Navy.  See all the looks at The Scarlet Lily Blog.

I look like I should be headed to a cabin in the mountains in this outfit! The white and camel are a nice combination and the boots tie everything together.

Camel sweater and white puffer vest make a casual winter outfit.

I purchased these boots last year, and I was thrilled to see that Amazon still has them! They come in several colors. I have the camel and the black and grey options are also really nice looking. The price is great on these, so be sure to click over to Amazon and check them out.

Puffer Vest + Striped Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Ankle Boots

Casual winter outfit featuring a Time and Tru sweater and a puffer vest from Old Navy.  See full outfit at The Scarlet Lily blog.

Remember this sweater? I have shown this one several times and it has been one of the most popular items that I have featured! It really is a great sweater, and it has been marked down. Right now it is still stocked in most sizes, but that could change by the time I publish this post.

Winter outfit for midlife women with a white puffer vest from Old Navy.  See 7 ways to style this vest at The Scarlet Lily Blog.

I paired the sweater with my Sophia Vergara Skinny Jeans. If you want some affordable jeans that fit well, I highly recommend the Sophia Vergara line. I have several pairs and love wearing them.

Puffer Vest + Waffle Knit Tee + Leggings + Sneakers

Athleisure outfit featuring a puffer vest from Old Navy.  Midlife style from The Scarlet Lily Blog.

Another way to wear a puffer vest is with athleisure. This is the kind of outfit you will find me in most of the time these days. It’s comfortable and great for taking a walk or playing with my dogs in the yard. If the weather is cool, a vest is just the perfect amount of warmth.

Casual athleisure outfit from The Scarlet Lily:  A midlife style blog.

Puffer Vest + Sweater + Skirt + Tall Boots

Puffer vest from Old Navy.  Winter outfit for women over 40 from The Scarlet Lily blog.

Here is another way to wear a puffer vest that is more dressy. I’m wearing the same white sweater as before with a black skirt from Loft. Then I just added tights and boots.

Winter outfit for women over 40 from The Scarlet Lily blog.

This is a chic look that could be worn for a variety of occasions. I think it looks even better zipped up.

Puffer vest with black skirt makes a cute winter outfit.  Midlife style from The Scarlet Lily blog.

Puffer Vest + Chambray Dress + Tall Boots

Chambray dress and white puffer vest for a winter casual outfit.  The Scarlet Lily for midlife style inspiration.

I originally purchased this Chambray dress back in the fall from H&M to feature here on the blog. It took forever to come in and by then it was sold out. Anyway, a Chambray dress is relatively easy to find so I will link something similar.

Winter outfit from The Scarlet Lily blog.   Midlife style for women over 40.  White puffer vest with Chambray dress.

The point here is not so much that it needs to be a Chambray dress. Any dress with similar structure would work here. A swing dress like this one would also look great with a puffer vest.

Casual winter outfit from The Scarlet Lily blog.

Puffer Vest + Bright Sweater + Flare Jeans + Booties

Winter Outfit Idea from The Scarlet Lily blog.  White puffer vest with crew neck sweater and flare jeans.  For more outfit ideas, click through to blog.

This is another way to wear a puffer vest that is more about the style and proportions than the exact pieces.

My sweater from Loft is from last year. I also wore it here layered with a dress. To see this post click here.

How to layer for a winter look by The Scarlet Lily:  Midlife Style Blog

I’m wearing my Sophia Vergara Melisa Flare Jeans, which by the way are a pull on style. Total comfort! My ankle boots are a cranberry color that I purchased as Belk last year.

Winter outfit ideas from The Scarlet Lily:  Midlife Style Blog.

You could recreate this look simply by wearing a flare or boot cut jean with any color sweater or vest that you have.

White puffer vest and crew neck sweater for a casual winter outfit from The Scarlet Lily:  Midlife Style Blog

These are 7 ways to wear a puffer vest, and I could have come up with several more outfits. I think this was plenty to give you some ideas of how to style this piece. This is probably my favorite kind of post to create because I enjoy just going into my closet and experimenting with different looks. I hope you are inspired to do the same!



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  1. Kelly | 14th Dec 20

    That was so creative! I like how all of your outfits were very different. I have a black vest that doesn’t get as much wear as it could. Since I’m cold natured I always wear it with my black packable down Uniqlo jacket so it ends up not even looking like a vest! I’ll need to layer a long sleeved tee under a sweater to keep my arms warm and try some of your recommendations. Btw, are you still working at Loft?

    • The Scarlet Lily | 14th Dec 20

      Thanks Kelly, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! No, I don’t work at Loft anymore. I only worked there for a few weeks, and found out quickly that it was not for me. I knew going in to it that the pay was horrible, but that wasn’t my reason for wanting to work there. Long story short, they were very strict about every little detail and I was bored to death. I needed to look busy at all times, so I ended up folding the same stack of sweaters over and over because there was literally nothing to do. It was so disappointing, but for $9/hour I needed to love it and it was not worth it. I still enjoy shopping at Loft and love their clothes. I will continue to feature them on the blog.

  2. Andrea | 14th Dec 20

    Love these outfits with the vests.I have always thought puffer vests do not look good on me but I may have to try again.

    • The Scarlet Lily | 14th Dec 20

      I felt the same way about vests not flattering me. I think they are more figure flattering when zipped up so your shape doesn’t get lost.

  3. Linda | 14th Dec 20

    Can’t pick a favorite, all great looks!

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