Everything You Need To Know About The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s that time of year again…the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Whether you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, here is everything you need to know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for 2022.

I have been through the preview sale catalog that you can find at Nordstrom.com and picked out the items that are in my opinion worth taking note of. I’m covering clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, beauty, and a few home decor items. I’ve spent hours sifting through the preview catalog so you don’t have to! I will be using shopping widgets to show you the items that stand out to me, since I can’t show you the items in a try on format.

Important Dates For The Sale

Here are the dates you need to know to shop the sale.

If you are a Nordstrom Credit Card holder, you can shop the sale on July 9th. I highly recommend this if you want to stand a chance of getting the popular items. Even still, the most frustrating thing about this sale is that it has a tiered access and things sell out quickly.

Tips For Shopping The Sale

Last year I did a post on How To Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It includes some helpful tips and strategy for getting the items on your list. I’m going to refer you to that post rather than repeating all that again. I recommend going back and reading it before you shop. You can see it here.


Let’s start with the base layer. There are a few bras, shapewear pieces, and panties that you might want to take note of.

Athletic Wear

The Zella brand leggings, joggers, and tops are always top sellers. If I could only choose one thing it would be the Zella joggers. I still wear mine from two years ago, and they have held up incredibly well! They come in a dark green color this year that looks really nice.


Here are my favorite tops that I pulled from the preview catalog. Be sure to use the arrows in the shopping widget to see all the items.


If you want to get a Barefoot Dreams Cardigan, now is the time. These are always top sellers as well, but I’ve also included some other sweaters that are worth considering.


I’ve included some flare and straight leg style jeans. I think flares are going to be popular this fall.


I’m really interested in the faux leather wide leg pants. I’m really tired of the faux leather leggings. Another pant to take note of are the Spanx Perfect Black Pants. I did a review of those last year in this post.


I’ve included a large range of dresses from casual to more dressy style. I’m really loving the tie waist sweater dress by Charles Henry.


Who doesn’t love some good P.J.’s and loungewear? I picked out the most reasonably priced items plus a couple of luxury robes. The Honeydew Intimates line is super soft, and I’ve enjoyed them in the past.


I didn’t see a lot in handbags that really excited me. If you are in to super high end bags, then you should check out the preview catalog but I only picked out a few that were under $200.


The cubic zirconia earrings are always nice to have. They are great for travel and go with everything. I’ve also included several hats.


I usually pick up a nice pair of boots every year in this sale. I was a little disappointed in the selection this year, but there are a few that I like.



I have the T3 curling iron and hairdryer. I got mine at Costco for less than the Nordstrom sale price, but if you can’t find them at Costco these prices are pretty good. I also recommend the Nu Face Mini. I use it myself and I can see results with it.

This is a good overview of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you still feel overwhelmed or need some more inspiration, part two of this post will be outfit ideas using these pieces. It will be up later this week. Let me know your thoughts on the sale in the comments down below. Will you be shopping the sale this year?


  1. Kathy Terry | 6th Jul 22

    I truly enjoy your blog. I appreciate the choices you make that can fit into any budget, and that show that one doesn’t have to have deep pockets to be stylish and cute. Thank you for this.

    • The Scarlet Lily | 6th Jul 22

      Thanks Kathy! So glad you enjoy the blog…that makes my day. I don’t feature items here that I wouldn’t purchase for myself. Affordable style is my passion.

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